Green Practices


One of the founding principles of Baxter Brewing Company was to be a sustainably-driven, environmentally-friendly company. As a result, here are some of the steps we’ve taken to be “greener” than he normal brewing process calls for:

  • We have purchased American Wind power offsets to power 100% of our electrical usage for the year with clean, renewable wind energy
  • Our spent grain and yeast goes to feeding local cattle.
  • Our solid waste and discarded hops are sent out to be composted.
  • We enforce a very strict recycling program.
  • We use Maine-certified energy efficient lighting.
  • We refurbished of an old building rather than building a new one.
  • The majority of our equipment was bought used as opposed to manufacturing new equipment.
  • We have energy and steam recovery units in our brewhouse to recover steam from our kettle and mash tun which is recirculated back into our hot liquor tank to be used again.
  • Our 6-pack rings are made from #4 recyclable polyurethane and are 100% photodegradable (they break down after prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays)!
  • Our waste water is neutralized in outdoor tank before releasing it into the city’s sewage system.
  • And . . . we use cans! (Because: aluminum is the most abundant material in the world; our cans are made of 70% post-consumer recycled material; it takes less energy to produce than glass; cans weighs less empty and full; Americans are twice as likely to recycle cans; 75% of all beer bottles in the US end up in landfills).