1. We are incredibly lucky to be able to make and sell craft beer
    for a living.
  2. We are friends, collaborators, and advocates of the beer industry and its culture.
  3. We produce the best beers we can, while always striving to improve, innovate and become more efficient, yet remaining forever humble.
  4. We are loyal to the Lewiston-Auburn (Maine) community and will promote it as a great place to live, learn, work and play at every opportunity.
  5. We serve as stewards of the environment and continuously strive to make our work and personal lives more sustainable.
  6. Every employee will be given the opportunity to lend creative input into the direction our company goes.
  7. We will always work as a team with a common goal, while still recognizing and honoring each other’s individual talents.
  8. We strive to balance the many needs of the company, our coworkers and their families.
  9. We commit to continually learning, growing and improving our current selves.
  10. We foster an environment of fun, communication, hard work, and camaraderie.