Couple More Miles

India Pale Ale 5.9 ABV

In a world of beer inundated with IPA’s, we look for the path less traveled. Couple More Miles was designed to satisfy our classic West Coast IPA fans and draw in your NEIPA chasers. You can’t actually identify what you like about it, you just know its tasty, whether it’s on draft, in our six-pack or offered in our sought after Variety Pack, you crack it open and think, “not mad about that” and move on with your life. At 5.9% this enjoyable IPA delivers an aromatic bouquet of tropical fruits, a soft malt body with a clean crisp finish. Make this brew your next reward.

Pairs Best With:

Variety of cheeses. Watering the lawn.

Available in:
12 oz 6 Pack (12oz)

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