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5.5% ABV Year Round

For as much love as Baxter has for Maine Huts & Trails, we felt strongly about making a beer that really spoke to what this special place means to us. We wanted to draw attention to the diversity of biotypes and activities available to those who take advantage of their excellently thought out and maintained trails. These are supported by their amazing accommodations that perfectly balance rustic beauty with modern comfort. In order to make the perfect beer to drink at the huts, we went on a three-stage brewing adventure to try to capture three attributes of the Carrabasset Valley in a can.

Stage 1 – Balanced – Wheat beers are known for their soft and sometimes sweet flavor profiles. This comes from the abundant proteins in the grain which give a rich and silky mouthfeel to the beer. Knowing that we wanted to make an IPL, which can be very dry due to the hops and the yeast characteristics, we used almost 50% wheat in the mash to ensure there would be enough supporting body to the beer that it would be equally crisp and flavorful.

Stage 2 – Pristine – Lagers are fermented cool and patiently. By slowing down their metabolic processes with low temperatures, lager yeasts produce very few esters, which are compounds that create aromas and flavors common in ales. Our Bohemian lager yeast is especially ‘clean fermenting’ which means it lends very little influence to the taste and smell of the beer, which allows the base ingredients to clearly speak for themselves.

Stage 3 – Delight for the Senses – As was just described, our lager method allows the natural flavors of our pale barley and wheat malts to really shine in their inherent and simple goodness. Similarly, this ‘blank canvas’ really allows the Amarillo and Simcoe hops to shine through with their fresh pine needle and summer peach aromatics. Finally, our patient process and tight filtration leave the beer as bright and clear as a bluebird day in Western High Peaks.

We are so proud to have been able to show our love for and continuing partnership with the Maine Huts & Trails in beer form. We are equally as proud to say that this beer is becoming known as one of the best beers we’ve ever made in the eyes of our coworkers and tap room regulars. We invite you to seek this beer out at the Huts and the brewery and pair it with your perfect Maine adventure.

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Available in 1-pint cans.

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MHT Lager

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