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Pinot Brune

6.5% ABV Revolving Release

For this foray into the flavor frontier, Baxter looked deep into the interior of France for inspiration. We conceptually merged the complex reddish brown sour ales brewed in Flanders with the light and fresh profiles of red wines from the Loire and Burgundy regions. The result is a medium bodied, ruby hued brown ale with subdued malty notes, contrasted by the tartness produced through kettle souring and the bright fruit notes from the fermentation of Pinot noir grapes, black currants, and cherries.

Pairs Best With:

Soft Cheeses like Camembert or Brie
Roast Salmon
Prime Rib
Anything Chocolate

Available in:

12 Oz. 6 Pack
1/2 Barrel & 1/6th Barrel Kegs

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Pinot Brune Pinot Brune

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