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Wicked Dark

Imperial Stout
10% ABV Revolving Release

Dark. Wicked Dark.

With 12 malts — including barley, wheat, rye, and oats — this beer is a rich black masterpiece, booming with heavy malt flavors and a touch of warmth from the alcohol. We gave this beer extra time to mature in cold conditioning to allow the flavors to meld into the cohesive beast that is Wicked Dark. All this malty sweetness and alcohol needs balance, though, and that’s where lots of American and New Zealand hops come into play — Apollo, Millennium, Pacific Jade, Pacifica, and Horizon are a few of the varieties we used to do just that.

Pairs best with:

All the meats. All of them.
Grilled, roasted, seared; it works with all of them.

This is also a great accompaniment to rich, chocolate desserts. Our favorites are Black Forest cake and triple chocolate tastes.

Available in:

1/2 Barrel & 1/6th Barrel Kegs.
16 Oz. cans.

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Wicked Dark

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