Regular Hours | Thursday-Saturday: 3pm-9pm (2pm TOUR)

Please note these changes to our Regular Hours:

  • 6/24/17 – Closed because we’re hosting the 4th Annual Great Falls Brewfest!
  • 9/28/17 – Closing at 4:30PM for a Private Event

Tours |  A brewery tour is conducted Thursday-Saturday at 2:00pm. Tours are FREE and include samples of our signature, commercially-available beers for those 21+.

For groups of 15 or more or special requests, please call the brewery (207-333-6769) to make an appointment. If you would like to visit us at a time other than our normal store hours, please email info@baxterbrewing.com or call our office ahead of time to schedule your visit.

Directions | To the brewery, click here.

WHAT’S ON TAP (updated 5/18/17)

Signature Beers

Stowaway IPA 6.9%ABV

Pamola Session Ale 4.9%ABV

Tarnation Maine Lager 5.3%ABV

Per Diem All Year Porter 5.5%ABV

Revolving Beers

Summer Swelter Ale 4.7%ABV

Coastal Haze Hoppy Imperial Hefeweizen 7%ABV

P#und Pr#ject Limited Edition

WICKED DARK  Imperial Stout 10%ABV

Small Batch Series

Charlie’s Celcio El Chacho 4.7%ABV

{Our Summer Swelter recipe with flavorful additions of jalapeno, sun-dried tomato, and cumin. }


Serving Sizes | We offer pours of 4oz , 8oz , 16oz , & flights (which are 4 X 4oz pours); Ten-gallon small batch beers are limited to smaller pours: 4oz or 8oz.

Pricing | Signature beer pour prices range from $1-$4; Small batch pricing varies, but single pours typically range between $1.50-$5.

You must be 21 or older to sample or purchase beer. We require ID.


Nibbles | Our friends at 4 Season Farm Market in New Auburn supply us with a rotating variety of nibbles. We strive to have at least one kind of cured meat ($4), cheese ($4), and Torta ($1.5 — a crispy sweet & savory Italian flat bread),  OR all 3 on a charcuterie plate ($9).  We also pop daily scoop-your-own popcorn, and that is on us ($0).

Soda | We serve Maine-made Green Bee soda for the young-in’s.