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From summiting peaks to heading upta camp, there are many moments that just go with a Baxter beer.

Since 2011, we’ve been crafting quality, drinkable beer for the Mainer in all of us. The people with a little extra passion, determination, and grit. Inspired by West Coast IPAs, we were determined to craft a beer that captured the essence of Maine with a hop profile reminiscent of those out west. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work on Stowaway India Pale Ale. This iconic IPA set our standard to create beers for everyone, from the hop heads to newcomers. Today Stowaway is the best-selling Maine-made IPA across New England.

We brew each beer, from our Triple IPAs to our Classic Lagers, at the iconic Lewiston Bates Mill. And since the opening of The Pub at Baxter in 2018, we’ve been able to serve new and exciting brews to longtime fans and first-time visitors alike.

What started as the first brewery in New England to can all its beer has grown into a lasting mission to deliver great-tasting, sustainable brews for every type of adventure. So crack that Baxter—here’s to good beer and all that is Maine. Because no matter if you’re from here, or you’re from away when you’re holding a Baxter, you’re one of us.

Our Team

Jenn Lever


Merritt Waldron

Quality Director

Rob Hackett

Operations Coordinator

Adam Platz

Baxter Outdoors

Josh Bernier

Accounting Administrator

Shawn Nelson

Warehouse Team Member

Taylor Page

Social Media and Events Coordinator

Devin Smith

Sales Marketing

Lilly Gardiner

Events and Entertainment Manager

Joey Foster


Dan McLean


Cam Ingraham


Bram Bergeron-Smith

Lab Technician

Jordyn Carr

Production Team Member

Jay Horne

Production Team Member

Kyle Bouchard

Production Team Member

Jonas Burke

Territory Sales Manager

Matt Brunelle

Territory Sales Manager

Kat Dougan

Territory Sales Manager

Brandi Douglass

General Manager - Pub


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