A Baxter Story in 4 Cans


From the Backpack to the Variety Pack, Baxter’s mixed 12 packs have been a labor of love to offer craft beer fans a chance to try and share our creations. Starting at the end of May, we are excited to offer a new lineup in a handsome package, whose beers tell a Baxter story for those who have known us and for the uninitiated.
STOWAWAY IPA – A LEGACY OF PIONEERING – Boldly flavored and highly aromatic IPAs in cans have become a pretty big deal around here and it’s a most satisfying legacy to be an originator of this movement in New England. Stowaway, several million cans later, refuses to go out of style and continues to be a must have for restaurants, bars and retailers. I believe this beer has only gotten better with time as we have put a lot of investment behind making sure it is produced with the latest technology available to craft brewers and available as fresh as possible.
PER DIEM PRE-PROHIBITION PORTER – MILL PRIDE – Baxter Brewing generates a lot of pride out of manufacturing high quality goods in the Bates Mill, which was built in 1850 and was where some of the tents and uniforms for the Union in the Civil War were produced. We are also fiercely determined to be part of the contemporary revolution that is breathing life back into these magnificent structures. To pay homage to this, we have reworked the Per Diem recipe to reflect a style of beer that was brewed in the 1800’s throughout the east coast and provided hard working laborers with their after-shift recompense. The result is a robust dark ale that rewards with rich chocolate and molasses notes that are balanced by roasty undertones to assure that it can quench the thirst generated by your daily accomplishments.
MAINE LAGER – A COMMITMENT TO MAINE AGRICULTURE – Tarnation Lager has been a mainstay in Baxter’s beer lineup since our earliest days, designed as a California Common or Steam style beer. For the Maine Lager refresh, we decided to move to a cleaner fermenting German lager yeast and bring in as much Maine grown barley into the recipe as we could. We have always used as much as 30% Maine grown materials in all of our beers but this new project has set us on a mission to partner with our growers and maltsters to guarantee that they have a buyer for Maine malts and that we help drive the innovation and infrastructure that ensures we can continue to increase our consumption of these products going forward.
EIN STEIN MUNICH-STYLE HELLES LAGER – BRINGING YOU THE NEW – When I came on as Director of Brewing last year, Baxter was so tied up in meeting demand for our current products that we had stayed away from producing new year-round offerings for, well, too long. We dug deep into our processes, identified areas for efficiency improvements and invested in equipment to free us up to do more of what we love: creating. With that, we launched two new beers this past December, our new post-coast tropical IPA, Hop Tryst, and our Brilliant Lager, Ein Stein. Helles is the German word for light, in the sense that a sunny, bluebird afternoon is ein helles Tag. This inspired us to bring you sunshine in a glass, a crisp and refreshing lager that we (and most Germans) find even more drinkable than a Pilsner.
So, when you pick up a new variety pack to enjoy and share, you’re also taking home a Baxter story which we hope you’ll enjoy and share as well. You and your friends will get to reminisce with us on trails blazed, where we’re from, the land we love and where we are going in the years to come.
Andrew Sheffield
Director of Brewing

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