Bootleg Fireworks Edition 3 – Out Now!

“Bootleg’s back, baby!” has been the mantra constantly circulating the brewhouse these last few weeks. But it’s a shout that wasn’t previously heard ‘round these parts when the weather was this warm. That’s because the first two releases of our most-coveted beer both came out in November, each of the past two years.

Sure this 9% beauty warmed the hearts of the most-weary, “winter is coming” skeptics among us. But for the first time, our Double IPA can be enjoyed during the summer drinking season, with a late-June release, just in time for America’s holiday. I mean, come on – with a name like Bootleg Fireworks, we were really doing ourselves (and you) a disservice by holding out ‘til winter!

What else sets this year’s release apart from 2014 and ’15? How about 14 different hop varieties to the face? Version Three features more than an ounce-per-pint of a proprietary blend of Apollo, Bravo, El Dorado, Calypso, Lemondrop, Ella, Eureka!, Equinox, Mosaic, Horizon, Pacifica, Falconers Flight, Columbus, and Chinook hops.

While we at Baxter tend to strive for balance in everything we do, our incredibly talented brewing team purposefully let go of the reins a little with this one. However, I must say that, while B.L.F. is truly an explosive, in-your-face experience, this year’s version still drinks so well and so smoothly, especially with such high alcohol percentages. Beyond that, the beer just looks amazing. Just the right amount of hop haze for the style (and volume of hops) but you can still see your fingers on the other side of the glass. It’s clearly a well-brewed beer that we’re all very proud to have produced.

Sales of the 3rd Edition of Bootleg Fireworks will begin with a brewery release party here in Lewiston on Friday, June 17th. Please come visit – there will be food trucks, DJs, prizes galore… oh, and beer! The festivities get underway at 5pm. Then look for 16oz four-packs in their new, well-timed red, white, and blue cans and draft sales throughout the northeast, from Maine-to-New Jersey. But get ‘em fast; when these babies are gone, they’re gone!

If you’ve ever wondered where this beer’s admittedly strange name came from, Google the “word” Reekris sometime. But it’s NSFW. You were warned.

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