Coastal Haze

I’m often asked what my favorite Baxter beer is, and I usually make it seem like a difficult question to answer (don’t tell anyone). In part because I don’t want to upset any of our other beers – it’s like having to pick a favorite child – and in part because the real answer to the question is a beer that we previously only released to the public for about three months in the beginning of 2014 (true story): On the Count of Three, which was brewed to celebrate the brewery’s third birthday.

Well, I have some selfishly-good news! OC3, as it became known, is being rereleased in March as Coastal Haze Imperial Hefeweizen – the second installment in our “Revolver Series” (formerly our “seasonal” lineup), and I couldn’t be more excited.

Coastal Haze was brewed with 50% wheat malt and a special German Hefeweizen yeast strain, making it a strong-but-authentic German weissbier. What really separates this beer from the pack though is its unique twist of 9 German, American, and Australian hops – a hop profile more typical of a pale ale or IPA than a German wheat beer – and it’s well-above-style ABV of 7.0%.

Brewing Coastal Haze was a truly special experience this time around, though, because the wheat malt mentioned above all came from Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon, Maine – how’s that for local?! – and the Baxter Brewer Crew (and myself) got to be at Blue Ox for the floor raking and malting! It was a unique event none of us had gotten to experience before. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I can taste a little extra bit of love (and Maine) in these cans!

Plus our designer, Josh Fisher, continues to outdo himself in can design, and the special Coastal Haze can is definitely no exception. Look for 6-packs and draught lines across the northeast beginning in March.

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