Hayride Spiced Rye Ale 2016

I realize the thermometer may indicate otherwise, but autumn beers around the craft beer industry are starting to trickle out into the marketplace and our Hayride Autumn Ale, which will start to ship to our wholesalers in the 8 states between Maine and New Jersey this week, is no exception.

The similarities, however, between Hayride and other “fall beers” likely ends there: with its distribution dates. Hayride has been one of our most-sought-after beers since its introduction—as well as being a house favorite—but the demand for the beer has skyrocketed in the last year or two in particular, as the fall beer category became way overcrowded with pumpkin. Hayride is a “spiced rye ale” brewed with a huge percentage of rye malt in the grain bill, and then aged for several weeks on a bed of crystallized ginger, Spanish orange peel, peppercorns and American oak spirals. Meaning: While it still plays on classic autumn spicy, sweet flavor profiles, perfect for the cooling evenings, this beer is the furthest thing from pumpkin. It’s a small wonder, then, that the Boston Globe said of Hayride, This “might be my new favorite fall beer”.

In our continued effort to make sure all of our beers look like they’re made by the same company and fit the same design template, while the recipe remained unchanged for 2016, the label design, like the rest of our portfolio, underwent a massive overhaul.

Hayride Autumn Ale

For those familiar with the brand, you’ll find homage to the can’s original design in two places. First, the buffalo plaid band around the bottom of the can; and secondly, in the old tyme tractor that became the central focal point of the new artwork. I’m a little biased, I know, but this has got to be some of Josh Fisher’s best work yet.

Look for Hayride Autumn Ale in 6pk cans, as part of our variety 12pks, and on draught across the northeast now through late October. Cheers!


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