Introducing Out of Range

out of range can design

We all love the allure of escape. Whether eluding our daily stressors, the responsibilities of adulthood or how to embark on the upkeep of our social lives, we all look to get away sometimes. Today, escape could not be more on the forefront of our collective minds. Here in Maine nature abounds, and gives us comprehension to the notion of wanderlust and being out of reach, a sense of escape just outside the front door.  

    While escape is not quite as simple these days, we strive to give you a piece of what makes us love our home so much, a piece of what makes us distinctly Maine. From scenic beaches to quaint, old towns, the mountains and rivers that sculpt the land’s natural beauty, Maine is the perfect place to be out of range.  And thus we decided to create a brew that will help you find your quiet place to recess in comfort. 

    Wherever you are, shut off the TV, turn off your phone and close your eyes. Inhale and remember all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of your favorite getaway spot. Envision the call of a loon on your favorite lake or the crash of waves on coastal rocks, the picturesque lighthouse or scenic view from the height of the land, the aroma of butter on a lobster roll or the smell of fresh cut pine, the brine of an oyster plucked from the sea or that first bite of a fresh blueberry from the farmer’s market. Getaway, relax, be out of touch for a while. 

   We introduce Out of Range, a blueberry ale inspired by our fondest memories of Maine. This beer celebrates the simpler things in life, the fruits of our labor. Crisp, refreshing and aromatic, this beer is here to help you get away and stay Out of Range. 

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