Prost Secco Returns

From what I have heard from my vintner friends in Upstate New York, this harvest was one of the toughest they’ve seen in a long time. The crop set was relatively low to begin with and then, after a really promising summer, they got hit with twice the average rainfall in the latter part of the growing season. These extraordinarily humid conditions led to immense disease pressure in the vineyards, which damaged significant portions of certain varietals. Vintage variation is the agony and ecstasy of winegrowers but the best in their craft always find a way to respond with quality in both feast and famine.

For our part, Prost Secco has always been about the art of the blend. We use Chardonnay grapes, peaches and pears in different proportions to pay tribute to the varietal characteristics of the Viura grape from which most Prosecco is made. We ferment that in a wheat-based beer which we keep separate from out kettle sour brew.

When both batches are mature, just like in my winemaking days, I’ll do blending trials with the separate batches until I come up with the right combination that expresses the essence of the brand with the nuances of the vintage.

I’m really excited about this year’s blend of Prost Secco, especially with all the challenges in the vineyard. The core of this beer is a refreshingly tart summer ale that, like a fine white wine, uses acidity to lift and balance the flavors across the palate. The more vintage driven variations come in the fruit notes, which prominently feature pear with vinous and stone fruit undertones.

I’m still not sure if I am going to be drinking the 2019 Prost Secco out of crystal stemware or a pint glass, but I do know that I’m looking forward to enjoying this dear-to-me beer all summer long.

Prost! Salut! Cheers!

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