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Road To Reggae

Mountain Lager 4.1% ABV

When the last icicle melts and the snowbanks begin to recede, the Road to Reggae begins. Pop on the shades, apply the SPF, and surf the vibes of
Spring all the way to Reggae Fest 2023.

We made this light lager beer for the 35th annual Sugarloaf Reggaefest. Crisp, refreshing, and best of all craft-brewed in Maine. Available seasonally in the weeks leading up to Sugarloaf Reggae Fest. Road to Reggae is here!

Pairs Best With:

Skis. Snowboards. King of the mountain. Will to party. Game face.

Available in:
16oz-can-icon 16 oz 16oz-4pk-Icon 4 Pack (16oz)

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