Continuing Our Commitment to Quality: The Warehouse

Over the last couple of years, we’ve taken a lot of time getting to know the farmers that grow the ingredients that go into our brews. We live by the saying that ‘you can make a bad beer from good ingredients but not the other way around’. So, when you make as much beer as we do, across so many varieties, it becomes a logistical challenge to make sure that we do justice to the fruit of our farmer’s hard labor. In our continual quest to dial up the quality of your favorite brews, we decided to make an investment in our raw materials warehouse.

It might be difficult to see the connection between warehouse organization and high-quality beer but that’s why we take the time to write these blogs! Like we already mentioned, we pay a lot of attention to the raw materials which go into all of our beers. From the fields to the malthouse or the hop kiln, each seed or flower has been on an incredible journey, cared for by people with a passion for their products. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to keep this chain of custody intact so we preserve all the natural goodness until it makes it into your pint glass.

This is where our warehouse renovation comes into play. We bought new racking, reorganized the layout and updated our tracking and communication procedures to make sure that we were always getting the freshest ingredients to our brewery as quickly as possible. This is a key link in the chain that connects the grower, brewer and drinker and just another way in which Baxter Brewing is paying attention to the details that make beer better. Our brewers get a lot of the credit for making great beer (and rightly so!) but next time you crack open your favorite brew, don’t forget about the warehouse guys who are making sure each sip stays connected to the farm it came from.

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