Heatin’ Up!

image of baxter brewing hot sauce line

Things are Heatin’ Up at Baxter Brewing! If you follow Baxter Brewing on Instagram (and you should), you may know that we’ve been working on some flavorful, unique hot sauces that pack a punch!


“I’ve always been obsessed with exploring new and interesting flavors. Whether it’s beer, food, or sauce, I love to push beyond the boundaries of what’s expected.

I appreciate an everyday table sauce as much as I appreciate a classic American pilsner. But with so many exciting flavor possibilities, it’s hard to confine your taste buds to the status quo.

Jump on board, because this sauce train’s heading to Flavortown, USA.”

–Cam, Baxter Cellarman & Hot Sauce Curator



Sorry, you can’t elope with this hot sauce, but you can enjoy it on anything! A perfect balance of sweet fruit and heat.



This pickle packs a punch! A blend of fresh dill, garlic, and jalapenos gives you the tangy zest you’ve been looking for!



Scorching on an island in the sun–this tropical heatwave is packed with loads of hoppy pineapple and citrus flavors!



Curry up and try this sauce! This earthy blend of Indian flavors is balanced by a subtle sweetness and spicy punch.


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