The Possibilities are Limb-It-Less

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet Staff Sargeant Travis Mills, chances are you have a story to tell about it… His charisma, natural positivity, and disarming sense of humor make him legitimately unforgettable. That being said if you’ve been living under a rock (no offence to those who live under rocks, it’s only a euphemism), please take a few minutes out of your day, watch the video below, and then carry on reading.

At Baxter, we’ve followed Travis as he has become this symbol of hope for so many. A quadruple amputee that has transformed himself into a motivational speaker, philanthropist, author, and advocate for wounded veterans and their families, he created the Travis Mills Foundation. From this Foundation, he constructed a home away from home right here in Maine, for others like himself to feel whole once again. We were inspired by his motto of “Never give up. Never quit”, and his incredible work in the national spotlight has us thrilled to be able to bring you this collaboration again. Travis and his work make us tremendously proud to call ourselves, Mainers

For such a remarkable opportunity to brew for an exceptional cause, it made sense to seek out the finest ingredients that Maine’s farms had to offer us. We brought in beautiful pilsner and pale malted Maine grown barley from the Maine Malt House and partnered with the Hop Yard in Gorham to bring in locally grown Cascade pellets and Nugget fresh hops for this Blonde Ale. It pours pure gold in the glass with a frothy head from the protein-rich malts and drinks bright and crisp with zippy citrus and subtle grassy notes. We’re stoked that the bounty of this excellent harvest shines through in this beer in a way that does justice to the mission that inspired it. 

This entire beer right down to the can label design has a special veteran connection. The label comes from veteran-owned 320 Ink, in addition to the label they also have designed merchandise to go hand in hand with the beer’s release. If you want to get your hands on this beer and give to such a noble cause, be sure to join us and Sergeant Mills at the Pub on October 24th for the beer’s rerelease. You can purchase tickets to the event online at! A ticket will include two beers, entry into the silent auction, and most importantly it’s a ticket to your own “That one time I met Travis Mills” story.

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