Will (still) run for beer…

On Wednesday, October 9, Baxter Brewing will be sponsoring Marathon Sport’s weekly group run in Cambridge. We’re looking forward to a crisp Fall night where we can rack up 3-5 miles before ending at Cambridge Commons for a round of Baxter beers. As a runner I know if there’s one thing we like more than free technical shirts, it’s beer.

For many this flies in the face of common knowledge. Runners are supposed to be purveyors of a Spartan lifestyle, the champions of pristine training regimes and earthy, monotonous diets. Beer is a caloric wasteland that has no place in a runner’s nutritional canon.

Right? Wrong.

Here’s the secret: runners don’t run to drink tasteless, water-downed, low-carb bubble mixtures. We earn that high-octane, industrial-strength, full-metal-jacket brew with every mile we shred. It’s the reward for a hard effort, the cherry on our workout sundae.

Yet the perception is that one healthy endeavor must precede a surplus of wholesome behavior. Runners are health nuts; beer drinkers are averse to self-preservation, and never the two shall meet. But have we not learned enough lessons about the dangers of stereotyping? Because it is you, fellow beer-drinker, I want to break free from the proverbial pigeon-hole.

Granted to stay fit for race day, you’ll want to imbibe in moderation. I mean, I don’t, but I’m not a great example.

Okay, joking aside, the truth is I do eat a rather earthy, monotonous diet which probably helps with the running. But you can make room in your life for craft beer and wellness with a few simple tenets: be active, be thoughtful, be informed.

Baxter Brewing is sponsoring the MDI Marathon on October 20. My beer duties will keep me in Boston this year, but this race is in my sights for 2020. I’ll be honored to support my brand by running hard – and downing some well-earned Baxters post 26.2 miles.

Until then, see you on the trails or in the pub!

– Tony (Mass and Rhode Island Sales Rep, and running enthusiast)

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