Introducing: Hop Science!

Thomas Edison once said, “to invent you need a good imagination and a pile of [hops]” So, with that being said let us introduce Hop SCIENCE! This “new” brew comes in place of last years rendition due to a “friendly letter” from another brewery… But, like all great creators, we don’t let small roadblocks stop us! We took what made the last batch so great, and coupled it with feedback from the original brew to bring you Hop Science! Since we changed the name, we wanted to craft a slightly different liquid as well. Our intention was to create a new drinking experience while still drawing inspiration from an old favorite!

While the can design may be essentially the same, the contents have been altered just a tad. We wanted this new take to be a refreshing rehash of an old classic. Hop Science still very much epitomises our love affair with big, sexy, hops (El Dorado, Idaho 7, Galaxy, and just a smidge of Amarillo to be exact). It’s aromatic, it’s juicy, and it’s still very much a New England styled IPA. So what’s different about it? The biggest change is we’ve lowered the ABV from 7.7% to 5.8%. We wanted this go around to be a bit more of a flavorful, easy-drinking, IPA. So we brought the hop profile up, and the ABV down to do just that. 


Learning as we grow has always been important to us, and it has taken us some time to fully find a recipe for this newer style of beer. We’ve used our brewer’s vast knowledge along with some trial and error from our seven-barrel system to craft this new brew for you to enjoy. Packed with citrus, tropical fruit, and melon flavors, Hop Science is truly an experiment that has yielded great and delicious results!

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