Spotify Playlist #5 – Tony Grassi

Anyone who says summer is over after the 4th of July can jump in a lake. We all know there’s a lot more summer left! Fortunately, we have more summertime jams to help chill-ax these warm days away.

Break time

Our Communications Manager, who appears to be stuck in 1988 (ironic, right?), put together a set of nostalgic tunes on Spotify to take you back to the days of summer vacation, lake houses, grilling on the dunes, and stealing sips of your dad’s beer.

Well, you don’t have to steal sips anymore. And we’re guessing those beers of yesteryear didn’t pack as much flavor as Out of Range Blueberry Ale. We recommend you grab a can, pop one open and crank the dial. It’s Friday, and everybody’s been workin’ for the weekend!


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